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  • Counseling for People Afraid of Being Blamed

    Are you worried that if you attend couples counseling with your partner, the therapist is going to blame you for all the problems in the relationship?

    I get that. I mean, if you show up to counseling to begin with, that means you’re willing to reach out and try to get some help. That’s not easy. Nobody wants to be blamed.

    Blame is part of virtually every struggling relationship. If as as counselor I get into the blame game, I’m not going to be any more effective helping you than you have been thus far in helping yourselves! My job is to lead you out of blame, to show you how to play a completely different game than you have ever played before, and that actually involvesĀ dropping blame and accusation. If blame worked, you’d probably already have the relationship you want!

    Instead, blame is likely at least partly why you’re stuck to begin with, part of an old system between the two of you that has been perfectly designed to give you the results you keep getting! If you are both willing to let me show you the cycle you’re stuck in, how you are stuck in it, and how to get out, I can help you both get what you want. And I know what you want is to be more on the same page, to be more connected, to be less frustrated, to be able to talk productively, even when you disagree, and to be friends and partners and lovers again. If this sounds good to you, click the button below and let’s get to work!