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    Counseling for Struggling Couples in Michigan

    I help highly motivated couples, couples who are willing to put in the time, and do the work of applying at home what I’m teaching them in therapy, connect to each other and live peacefully, passionately, and happily.


    Click on the issue/issues below you are struggling with (it isn’t an exhaustive list, I just want to show you I get it!) to read up on it more and see how I will help you.

    Trust Issues: There Has Been an Affair

    and you think you might die from the pain.

    Communication Issues: Constant Fighting or Icy Silence/Distance

    Fighting: About money. The kids. Who does more around the house. Sex. Whether it was appropriate for one of you to be texting with that other person. It sometimes seems like almost anything can start a fight.

    Silence: Might as well not even try to talk, since talking just leads to fighting, right?

    Clinical Issues: You’re Having Symptoms From the Stress

    Depression? Anxiety? Stomach ache? Headache? Back pain? Self-esteem problems? All of the above? Something else?

    In addition to the issues above, do any of these sound familiar?

    *You and/or Your Partner Are Afraid of the Therapist Blaming You For Everything

    Whether you, your partner, or both, it makes you worry about going to therapy.

    *Previous Counseling Felt Useless

    The therapist didn’t seem to know what they were doing. Or maybe they did but they weren’t the right therapist for you. Or for some other reason it just wasn’t working. So you wonder, why will it turn out any different this time?

    No matter which of the above issues you relate to in your own relationship, I want you to know…

    There is Hope for Your Relationship!

    Can you imagine being friends with your partner again, feeling like you’re finally on the same page? What would it feel like if you trusted them like you used to? Do you like the idea of restoring the passion that once characterized your relationship and not feeling depressed, anxious, angry, lonely, and exhausted anymore?

    The system of therapy I use, Gottman-informed Couples Therapy, has a 75% success rate in helping couples learn how to manage conflict better, listen to and understand each other better, become close friends again, and even have better sex, which is often the result of a deeper and more satisfying friendship.

    As a counselor, I’m looking for couples who are ready to confront and fix their relationship problems, who are ready to work as hard as they have to work, ready to practice at home what I’m teaching them in session, and are willing to trust me and let me guide them to the kinds of results I describe above. If that sounds like you and your partner, contact me and let’s talk about working together!

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    Let’s start working together!