• Helping Couples Find Each Other Again

    Relationship Problems? I Have Answers.

    Are you struggling in your marriage/relationship?

    Do you feel successful in many areas of your life but like a failure in the thing that matters most — your relationship with your partner?

    Do you feel hopeless and frustrated and fear you may never be able to fix your relationship?

    Do you know you need help but one or both of you are afraid of being blamed for everything?

    I’m Dave and I help couples communicate better, get on the same page, and enjoy their relationship again.

    It’s what I do best. In fact, I work with couples exclusively.

    In therapy with me, you will learn:

    • 69% of all problems in relationships are unsolvable. It’s not solving your problems but learning how to talk about them properly that will make your relationship feel safe and satisfying. I’ll show you how.
    • Almost 95% of the time, the way an argument goes in the first two-three minutes predicts how it will end. It is critical that you know how to properly begin a difficult conversation. I’ll show you how.
    • The key to closeness in relationships isn’t telling your partner everything you feel exactly how you are feeling it, but carefully choosing what to say, how and when to say it, and especially knowing what not to say. I’ll show you how.
    • The happiness of a relationship is determined not by how a couple handles conflict, but by how they act towards each other when they are not arguing. I’ll teach you the importance of consistently turning towards your partner and show you what it looks like.
    • It is common for one or both partners to reach a state in an argument where they are so upset they can’t think straight, and their judgment and insight are compromised. I’ll teach you how to know when this is happening, and what has to happen here to keep an argument from becoming toxic.

    Best of all, everything I will be teaching you is based in 40 years of research into what happy and satisfied couples actually do. It’s completely grounded in real life.

    Contact me if you and your partner are highly motivated and ready to do whatever it takes to save your relationship. This means:

    • You both know you need help and you’re both on board. If you’re a female and you need help encouraging your husband to come to therapy with you, try this.
    • You both realize that what you work on implementing at home is what will fix your relationship, not what I talk to you about in our sessions. 100% of the things I teach you that you don’t apply will fail!
    • You can see me consistently at least every other week. Anything less and we can’t build up the momentum and sense of accountability that is required.

    It would be my honor to help you. I love this stuff, it is my passion, and nothing makes me happier than helping couples find and connect with each other again.


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    About David Flowers

    I help struggling couples who are ready to confront their relationship problems learn to hear and listen to each other so they can come out of their separate corners, stop hurting one other, and live happily and passionately together again.