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    Testimonials and Reviews

    Reviews immediately below are combined reviews from Facebook and Google. Use the arrow below reviews at right to scroll. (Duplicates appear when someone writes a review on one platform then copies and pastes to the other.)

    The following are additional reviews received via email and other sources, and are all posted with permission.

    “[My husband] and I have decided that we think we are doing really well and won’t need to attend sessions anymore. Things are going great and we are still using the tools we’ve learned for communication. We both agree this is what saved our marriage! We know where to find you if we need to! When you said we could be better than before I wasn’t sure, but you’re right! Thank you so much!”

    M.E., former client

    [Dave’s] presentation was very practical and engaging to our resident and faculty group. David was able to provide meaningful techniques and strategies to support well-being and mindfulness in our work and care of both patients and ourselves. He captured our attention and was both motivating and dynamic in his presentation style. I recommend him for anyone looking for a speaker to support well-being activities.

    Andrea Goethals, DO FACOS
    General Surgery Residency Program Director
    Dept. of Surgery & Graduate Medical Education

    Ascension Genesys Hospital

    “While I only know David as a coworker, not as a patient, I recommend him because he is easy to talk to, thoughtful and passionate about what he does. He strikes me as a person who goes the extra mile, gives of himself and never makes you feel like you’re bothering him.”

    Patsy Essenmacher, LMSW, ACSW -- Therapist

    “You were one of the best therapists I’d ever been to and really helped my husband and I at a very crucial time.”

    S.E., former client

    “I have known Dave for many years. …he has been consistent in his integrity, values and professionalism. It is a true honor to consider him among my esteemed colleagues.”


    Tammy Hancook, LMSW -- Therapist

    My favorite parts about Dave are that he’s a vulnerable, critical thinker with a growth mindset and a deep love for humanity. He epitomizes what it means to look inward, question the systems and beliefs that we grew up with, and challenge ourselves when information illustrates that change is warranted.

    Heidi Craun, President and Co-Founder of Intermitten Conference