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    Premarital Counseling

    [All counseling services are provided on video via telehealth only–there is no physical office.]

    Congratulations on thinking about getting premarital counseling. A good course of premarital counseling is the best way to

    • Invest in your marriage, not just your wedding
    • Start your marriage way ahead of where most people do
    • Head off problems down the road and smooth the path for better long-term connection and comunication
    • Hear a trained professional say, “You’re ready for this”

    How I Help Engaged Couples

    When you make your first appointment, you and your partner will take a relationship assessment meant for engaged couples.

    Results from that assessment will provide the basic structure for our meetings, although since I am a licensed counselor specializing in working with couples fro 25 years, I will be able to help you with other issues you may have as well. I look forward to getting started with you!

    Wanna make a good relationship even better?

    Let’s start working together!