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    Ten Words That Describe Me

    For a class recently I had to go on social media and ask my friends what words they would use to describe me. I was pleasantly surprised that 68 people responded, and the ten words that surfaced the most were: authentic/real, passionate, hilarious, loving, wise, insightful, thoughtful, empathetic, intuitive, and sincere. I’d say these are pretty accurate, it’s what I’ve heard about myself all my life.

    Helping people with their pain has been my gift, my calling, and my privilege. 

    Everybody has pain. And how a person handles their pain is largely what makes them who they are. Some ignore it. Some grow really needy and want others to rescue/heal/fix them. Some become addicted. Some minimize it and blow it off by saying, “I just gave it to God, so I’m good now.” But a courageous few admit it, allow it to teach them and make them better, and get down to business and do the work. I’ve always tried to be that kind of person, and for 28 years as a pastor and counselor I have found that helping other people transform their pain, heal from it, make their mess their message, has been my gift, my calling, and my privilege.


    Technology has always fascinated me and I’m into computers, smart phones, almost anything that needs to plug in and charge.

    Learning. Reading, podcasts, classes, anything I can learn about anything is good for me.

    I work a lot and really enjoy it, particularly blogging and social media.

    Favorite Foods

    I’m completely unoriginal when it comes to food. My favorites are the usual: Pizza, Movie theater popcorn, Oreos, Dark chocolate, and pretty much all pasta and carbs, I’m afraid.


    Most embarrassing moment

    Years ago I was interviewed on the morning show on a local TV network. I got mic’d up and sat down in my place next to the journalist who was set to do the interview. The camera rolled, she asked the first question, and I froze. Completely. Deer in the headlights. I always get nervous with media stuff but had never choked that hard and, thank God, still haven’t anytime since.

    Hardest thing I've ever been through

    You don’t get into your 50s without having a number of really hard things happen to you, but certainly one of the hardest was losing my dad.

    Dreams unfulfilled

    Publication of my book

    Dinner with my wife under the Eiffel Tower

    Being able to start a foundation to send kids to college

    Random stuff about me

    Therapy can be awkward enough sometimes, and if it helps you even slightly to have some idea about my background and who I am as a person, that’s awesome.



    • 1992, Bachelor of Science, Clinical/Community Psychology, University of Michigan–Flint
    • 1997, Master of Arts, Counseling, Oakland University


    • 1994-2002, Youth Pastor, Davison Free Methodist Church (moonlighted doing counseling under supervision after I graduated)
    • 2002-2016 — Founding pastor, Wildwind Community Church, Flint Township (moonlighted even more because I was then fully licensed)
    • 2016-Present — Private practice

    Teaching and Supervising

    • 2000-2021 — Spring Arbor University, teaching in Family Life Education, Master of Family Studies, and Master of Counseling programs
    • 2014-2021 — Spring Arbor University, teaching and supervising practicums and internships, Spring Arbor University Masters in Counseling program
    • 2020-21 — Interim Clinical Director, Spring Arbor University Masters in Counseling program
    • 2014-Present — Independent post-graduate clinical supervisor

    Main Trainings and Certifications

    • Gottman Level II (2022)
    • Gottman Level I (2019)
    • Prepare-Enrich (1998)

    Other notable trainings

    • Emotion Focused Therapy (2016)
    • Imago Therapy (2014)
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (2017)
    • Suicide and Self-Mutilation (2015)
    • State of Michigan Graduate Supervisor training (2015)
    • DSM 5 (2015)

    What I Do Differently Than Other Therapists

    My approach is very teaching-based. Every week you will be learning. And along with the teaching will usually be specific exercises/assignments I will have you do at home.

    During session I want you to be completely dialed into what we’re doing, not busy taking notes. So after most sessions I’ll send both of you a session summary, which will summarize the teaching, remind you of the steps to do the assignment, and sometimes even provide links to books or videos that may be helpful.

    In this way you are getting not just 45 minutes of my time, but stuff you can continue to read, process through, and work on all week.

    Media Appearances

    ABC12’s Good Morning Mid-Michigan show

    I do a monthly segment on relationships the second Monday of every month at 9:45 am.

    Watch below on, or watch commercial-free on my YouTube channel.


    March, 2023 — Brief intro to me and the work I do

    April, 2023 — Tips for managing conflict

    May, 2023 — Improving your relationship all by yourself

    June, 2023 — How to talk to your partner about your feelings

    July, 2023 — How to listen to your partner’s feelings

    August, 2023 — How to be an advocate for your partner

    September, 2023 — Making your partner feel loved

    October, 2023 — The Love Bank

    November, 2023 — How to speak to your partner more clearly

    December, 2023 — Preserving your sanity during the holidays

    January, 2024 — How to listen better to your partner

    I’m cited in an article on Psych Central about identity crisis.

    Davison Community Schools

    My lovely wife and I joined forces to do a seminar on Love Languages for parents in the district.

    Let's start working together!