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    General FAQs

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    Appointments and Scheduling

    How do I schedule an appointment with you?

    Current Clients: We’ll handle that at the end of each session, or you can schedule in your portal where you’ll complete your intake paperwork.

    To become a client, click Contact Me here on my website.

    What is the link for my telehealth appointment?

    I will send you the link during our onboarding process when you become an official client.

    What is the Onboarding Process?

    1. Send me an inquiry and complete an initial free call with me
    2. Create your account on Spruce Health
    3. Complete the intake form and consent paperwork

    I’m not a very techy person. What if I can’t get through the onboarding process?

    I only do telehealth and that means a lot of technology. If that doesn’t work for you let me know and I’ll get you some referrals.

    What if I’m in crisis?

    Resources available here

    How do I refer someone to you?

    Thanks for your interest in sending someone my way. The best way to refer me is to send clients to this website you’re on now, which is

    What are your days/hours of availability?

    M/W — 4 pm to 9 pm (last session at 8)

    T/Th/F — 10 am to 2 pm (last session at 1)


    Can I see you for couple counseling without my partner?

    Yes. Sometimes you’d be surprised how effective couple counseling can be when only one partner is even interested.

    Can I see you in person?

    No. I no longer have a physical location, I do telehealth exclusively. It’s normal for clients to feel a little hesitant about it, but most of my clients have enjoyed it. I encourage you to give it a try.

    How do I learn details about your work with couples?

    See my couples counseling FAQ.

    Do you work with clinical issues like anxiety and depression?

    Only as they may pop up in a person who is seeing me for couples counseling.

    Can you prescribe medication?


    How long are sessions?

    The first three sessions are 90 minutes each. All sessions after that are 50 minutes.

    Rates and Payment

    I work with couples only and do not accept insurance. My rate is $275 for the first session and $200 for every session after that. Per couple, not per person.

    What forms of payment do you accept?


    Social Media

    Can I be your friend on Facebook?

    I don’t accept clients as friends on my personal social media accounts. 


    How does telehealth work?

    See my telehealth page.


    Will you write a letter so I can get an emotional support animal?

    I don’t do this. Unfortunately I do not know any therapists who have this training so I cannot refer you to anyone.

    Can you testify in court, or write a letter to the court?

    Not if I can help it. There are some types of subpoenas I cannot legally resist, but I’ll do everything I can to keep from going to court. If I have to, the costs associated with that are listed on my consent form.

    Can you come speak to my group?

    There’s probably nothing I’d love more. Contact me and let me know the topic you’re thinking about and the rough time frame. I’ll get back to you to discuss details.