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  • Couples Counseling FAQs

    If you haven’t done couples counseling before, you might have questions, or feel nervous. That makes perfect sense! Below are answers to questions people frequently ask about couples counseling.

    Can we use insurance to cover our counseling?

    I do not accept insurance for couples counseling.

    How much does couples counseling cost?

    The first session is $275, and all subsequent sessions are $200. Fees change occasionally, and I will guarantee you three months of counseling at whatever rate is on the fee agreement you sign when you become my client.

    Will you work with any couple that wants to work with you?

    In order to work with me, a couple has to:

    • be highly motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to fix their relationship. 
    • both want to do counseling.
    • be on time for sessions ready to work, and be at all or nearly all scheduled sessions
    • pay my fee consistently and on time, which will allow us to keep the work the main focus

    How does counseling work?

    I help you have conversations you need to have, in a way that is far more productive than how you’ve been talking in the past.

    What happens in the first few sessions?

    • Session 1Couple Oral Interview. I’ll ask you a series of questions designed to help me know your history and backstory. Couples usually really enjoy telling me these stories, and I love hearing them.
    • Computer assessment — You’ll each do this at home individually on a computer. This is a scientific assessment of both the strengths and difficulties in your relationship. 
    • Session 2 — A 90-minute session where I’ll meet individually with each of you for 45 minutes.
    • Session 3 — We review results of your computer assessment and I assemble all the data from your consult call, intake forms, couple and individual interviews, and your computer assessment and we work together to come up with an initial direction for our work together.

    Why all the assessment? We really need to get down to business right away!

    Please see this post on my blog, under the heading What Can You Expect.

    How long will couple counseling take?

    Plan on at least six months.

    My partner keeps saying we need couple counseling, but I think we can handle our problems by ourselves. What do you think?

    If your partner believes there’s a problem in your relationship, your relationship has a problem. 

    Will you tell my partner what’s wrong with them?

    I’ll help each of you see your own issues, because you can only fix you. And I’ll also help each of you behave in ways that will make it most likely your partner will do their own work.

    Will this work for us?

    The sooner after you realize there’s a problem and get help, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to fix what’s wrong. Many couples wait too long to get help. The success rate with Gottman-based counseling is about 75%.

    What if we just don’t love each other anymore?

    When we behave in loving ways, our partners fall in love with us. When we stop, they fall out of love with us. When we start again, they can usually fall back in love with us again, but you’ll have to learn to trust each other and trust the process.

    What if there has been an affair?

    Affairs don’t have to end marriages, and often don’t. You may be able to fix this if you’re both up for the investment, but it’s going to be tough, probably for a long time.

    I don’t think I can handle the anxiety I’m feeling. I’m not sleeping since my partner said they might leave. What do I do?

    If you feel like you’re falling apart, I strongly suggest you see your doctor and explain what’s going on. If you’re in crisis and need to talk to someone immediately, call Crisis and Access Services at 810.257.3740. They have trained people there who can listen and help 24 hours a day. If you’re feeling suicidal or homicidal, go directly to the ER.

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