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    What to Expect

    When you come to see me, you get

    • A therapist who works exclusively with couples (82% of counselors who work with couples have had no specific training in how to do this critically important work)
    • A therapist who absolutely will not blame or scapegoat either of you
    • Comprehensive scientific relationship assessment
    • A specific plan and path to get you to where you want to be
    • Specific exercises to complete and conversations to have at home
    • Sessions will connect to what you struggled with that week
    • Summary sent to you after every session with that session’s key points, exercises, necessary worksheets, and tips for applying your new skills at home

    Here’s what will happen in our first three sessions:

    Session 1 — I’ll want to get to know you as people and as a couple. 90 minutes.

    At home between sessions 1 and 2 — Thorough scientific relationship assessment.

    Session 2 — Individual meetings. I’ll spend 45 minutes with each of you individually. 90 minutes.

    Session 3 — We’ll review the assessment you took and I’ll give you my sense of where we need to get started with interventions in order to reach the goals you have set for our work together.

    Sessions will be based on what I have learned about both the challenges and strengths of your relationship, and will flex around the way things have gone in your relationship in the past week.

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