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  • What Happens On Our Free Video Call

    All over this website, including below this post, there are invitations for you to schedule your free video call. You’ve already realized you need couples counseling, and landed on this website. The purpose of this post is to help you understand what happens on that call, why it is so important, and why it shapes the particular kind of couples counseling you will be getting.

    The Three Purposes of Our Free Call

    We want to accomplish three things during the 35-45 minutes we will spend on this initial free call.

    • Most important is for you to get a sense of who I am and whether or not you feel comfortable with me. I think I’m pretty great, but I’m sure I’m not for everybody! It is of utmost importance that you hire someone to help you with your relationship who you like, and can see yourself being able to respect and open up to.
    • I’ll need to hear a bit about what’s going on in your relationship. This will, first of all, help me be confident that what you need falls within my area of expertise. It will also help me to help direct you into the kind of counseling that will be best for you at that time, whether that be discernment counseling (when one partner wants to save the relationship but the the isn’t so sure) or regular couples counseling. 
    • Finally, we’ll need to make a determination about whether we think we’ll be a good fit to work together

    Scheduling Your Call

    When you click the Schedule Your Free Video Call button anywhere on this website, it will take you to a form that will have you give me some basic demographic information. I need to know you live in Michigan, for example, and I want to know both of your names before logging on to do the call.

    As soon as you submit the form my schedule will come up and you’ll be able to select a time for the video call that works best for you and your partner. I need both of you on the call together, as I only do one of these free calls per couple and I’ll need to get acquainted with both of you.