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    Rates & Insurance

    Deductible questions? Answers here.

    Four Reasons Cash Is The Best Way To Pay

    If you can do it, cash is by far the best way to pay for your counseling.

    1. Insurance requires that the counselor diagnose you with a mental illness. Cash is just between you and me.
    2. Insurance dictates how many sessions you can have per year. With cash, you make that decision.
    3. Insurance can arbitrarily decide not to cover you and you’re stuck with the bill.
    4. Insurance companies can demand to see your counselor’s session notes at any time, which compromises your privacy.

    Insurances I Accept

    I accept the following insurances…

    1. Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    2. Blue Care Network
    3. Beacon Behavioral/Value Options
    4. Magellan
    5. McLaren
    6. Optum
    7. United
    8. Humana
    9. Priority
    10. Out of Network

    No Medicaid or Medicare. If your insurance company is not on the above list, I do not accept them.


    I take cash, debit, HSA cards, and all major credit cards. No checks. Make a payment below.