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  • Qualify to Work With Me

    I work with highly motivated clients, which is not the same as incredibly desperate. 

    Highly motivated vs incredibly desperate

    Highly motivated clients are willing to prioritize whatever time, money, effort, and energy are required to fix their relationships. Desperate clients need to see results immediately because they are so close to separation and divorce they don’t believe they have time to be patient and work the process.

    What matters most in therapy

    What actually matters the most in couples therapy is how much energy and effort you are both willing to put in to make it work. I’m not the key factor here, you are.

    Not that it doesn’t matter whether you have a skilled and experienced therapist, it matters a lot. But not as much as your own dedication and commitment to the work we’ll be doing.

    I’m not the therapist for you if:

    • you are not ready to begin counseling in the next seven-ten days

    Your relationship is at stake, right? Let’s go!

    • one partner isn’t fully on board with counseling

    Come see me when you’re both fully on board. You both have to really want this.

    • you are one or two big fights away from filing for divorce

    There are no quick fixes. If you’re that close to divorce, I won’t have time to help you.

    • you cannot commit (time and/or money) to weekly sessions

    Momentum is critical. The process can’t be rushed, but it can definitely be hindered by not meeting regularly and keeping momentum going. 

    What you’ll need to do to succeed

    • Attend sessions regularly
    • Work on the interventions and assignments I give you
    • Communicate clearly and consistently with me and stay in the process until we all agree you’re in a better place (this is mostly up to the couple, but I’ll give my input)
    • Be as honest as you can with me, yourselves, and each other
    • Expect me to tell you clearly what isn’t working, why it isn’t working, and what you need to do instead

    After reading this page you should have a good idea whether you’re the kind of client I describe as highly motivated. If you are, get in touch with me, and let’s continue seeing if we’ll be the right fit by scheduling a call and talking about how I can help you!