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  • More Ways I Want to Help You

    From now on, my clinical work will be just a small facet of what I’ll be doing to help you and make the world a better place. As I launch this new website, designed to help me find the client who need my help, I also look forward to helping in other ways. This includes:

    • Workshops
    • E-Courses and E-books
    • More frequent blogging on topics of interest to you
    • Consistent presence on social media channels
    • Video teaching and guidance
    • Podcasting?

    The majority of these new things I will be doing will be available free. Though I’ll continue to do counseling, I’ll be doing less fee-for-service work and more work I can make available for low and no cost.

    So in this spirit, I invite you to join me on the social media channels I am using at this time.*