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  • Media

    ABC12’s Good Morning Mid-Michigan show

    I do a monthly segment on relationships the second Monday of every month at 9:45 am.

    Watch below on, or watch commercial-free on my YouTube channel.


    March, 2023 — Brief intro to me and the work I do

    April, 2023 — Tips for managing conflict

    May, 2023 — Improving your relationship all by yourself

    June, 2023 — How to talk to your partner about your feelings

    July, 2023 — How to listen to your partner’s feelings

    August, 2023 — How to be an advocate for your partner

    September, 2023 — Making your partner feel loved

    October, 2023 — The Love Bank

    November, 2023 — How to speak to your partner more clearly

    December, 2023 — Preserving your sanity during the holidays

    January, 2024 — How to listen better to your partner

    I’m cited in an article on Psych Central about identity crisis.

    Davison Community Schools

    My lovely wife and I joined forces to do a seminar on Love Languages for parents in the district.