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  • Why You Should Invest in Premarital Counseling

    Your wedding will be one day. Your marriage will be each and every day after that — for life.

    Invest in your marriage!

    Did you just get engaged?

    Are you a newlywed?

    If so, congratulations to both of you! Marriage is going to be the greatest thing, and easily one of the hardest things, you’ve ever done!

    Seriously, it’s both. Just ask anyone who has been married more than three years. Marriage is great. It’s two people who are usually quite different, both seeking to love and be loved, choosing each other as the focus of their love and commitment for a lifetime. That’s HUGE!

    Marriage is hard

    He wants a companion and cherishes that they are doing life together day in and day out. She often loves this companionship, but seeks a deeper connection. How are you both going to get what you want? When kids come along and you’re up to your ears in poopy diapers, cleaning crayon off the wall for the tenth time, finishing up school, starting your first adult job, and climbing the career ladder, how are you going to stay connected?

    Trust me, it will definitely not always be as easy as it may seem right now. I’m not trying to scare you. I just want to PREPARE you!

    You are prepared for marriage when you are able to:

    • Know what what to expect and what to keep top priority in your marriage as the years go by
    • Listen to one another deeply, not simply react to what the other person says, but validate their concerns and communicate empathy and understanding. (If you don’t know how to do this, it will eventually cause severe problems in your marriage.)
    • Stay truly connected, as defined by both of you
    • Understand that when one of you thinks there is a problem in your marriage, there is a problem. Full stop!

    Couples that prepare for marriage are wise. Couples that just count on being “in love” and feeling good to carry them, are likely to have a lot of problems they could have prevented with some basic preparation. Fortunately, it looks like you’re the first kind of couple, not the second, as you are obviously interested in preparing for your marriage by getting premarital counseling.

    Being married is potentially one of life’s most treasured experiences. Premarital counseling can help you and your partner assure that your wedding–one momentous occasion, on one glorious day–leads to a mature, lasting marriage that will stand the test of time.

    It’s fun!

    Oh, and nearly ever couple I’ve ever done premarital counseling with thought it was a blast! Seriously, you’ll enjoy all you will learn and the discussions you’ll be having will bring you closer, and increase your confidence in this life-changing decision you have made.

    So if you’re engaged, you’re likely about to spend a lot of money on your wedding. Most couples do, and that’s okay.

    But also, make a substantial investment into your marriage.

    After all, your wedding is one day, but marriage is meant for a lifetime. I’ll help you make sure that’s what’s in store for you. Click below to get in touch with me to set up a free meeting.