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    Infidelity series, coming September 25

    On September 25 I’ll be starting a six-week series on Infidelity on all my social media channels, and on my blog.


    • To provide professional and genuinely helpful guidance and insight to couples who are struggling in the aftermath of an affair, or individuals who suspect their spouse may be carrying on an inappropriate relationship (Not intended as a substitute for therapy.)
    • To prevent a few affairs that might otherwise have occurred
    • To do all of this at absolutely no cost for anyone who chooses to follow along

    Who It’s For

    Everyone currently in affair recovery, everyone who wants to make as certain as possible that they never will be, and anyone who fears/suspects their partner may be cheating. (I want both betraying and betrayed partners doing this!). Other therapists, grad students, and anyone else who wants to follow along is welcome.

    How it Will Work

    Every day for six weeks (September 25-November 8), I will post at least one affair-related post to my social media accounts that will cover a different facet of the topic. At least once or twice a week, I will also publish a blog post to cover certain things in a bit more detail. At some point in the series, I will have readers anonymously submit questions and I will answer them for you to the best of my ability.


    Zero dollars, and zero cents.

    Why Are You Doing This?

    Because affairs cause suffering and my mission in life is to minimize or relieve suffering where I can.

    What About My Privacy?

    The only way anyone will know you are following the series at all is if you comment on one of the posts on social media. If you do choose to comment, keep in mind that a range of people may be interested in this for a range of reasons, so it wouldn’t be correct for anyone to automatically conclude anyone following is going through affair recovery.

    Follow Along

    Subscribe to any/all of my social media channels available here on my website. They are in the header and footer on desktop, and the footer on mobile.