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  • Couples Therapy Personalized to Your Needs

    Want a couples therapy experience that looks like this?

    —Both of you love coming to sessions

    —You don’t just heal from your relationship… you save it

    —You learn about new tools that actually work

    —Your lives and relationship change in ways that you didn’t even think were possible

    Michigan Couples Counseling Online

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    As a licensed couples counselor with years of experience helping couples across Michigan, I can help you work through and resolve a wide range of relationship and communication issues.

    Relationship Problems? I have Answers.

    Welcome! I’m David Flowers, a licensed professional couples counselor in Davison, Michigan offering telehealth therapy.

    I help couples who are willing to invest the time and effort required to save their relationship, connect to each other again, and create peace, passion, and happiness together.

    At David Flowers Couples Teletherapy, I help premarital and marital couples with issues related to:

    • Communication Issues
    • Infidelity & Divorce
    • Being Afraid of Being Blamed For the Whole Problem
    • One Partner Isn’t Even Convinced There’s a Problem
    • Previous Couples Counseling Felt Useless

    I’m a lifelong learner passionate about staying up to date on new research around relationships, mental health concerns, and treatment methods in order to best help my clients.

    Couples Therapist in Michigan - David Flowers

    Personalized Telehealth Therapy

    I offer telehealth therapy for couples across the state of Michigan.

    As a licensed counselor, I am committed to my clients’ well-being and driven to find the most effective therapeutic approach for their needs.

    If you or someone you know would like to explore therapy and related treatment options, please get in touch with me.

    I would love to help you save your relationship and improve the overall quality of your life.

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    Couples Therapy in Michigan

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    David Flowers Professional Couples Therapy in Michigan

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