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  • Counseling When One Partner Isn’t Even Convinced There’s a Problem

    Which partner are you?

    Are you the one trying to convince your partner there’s a problem and you need to go to therapy?

    It’s frustrating to be in this position, isn’t it? This is incredibly common. And if you’re the one interested in therapy, you may already know one of the causes of failure in couple counseling is that the couple waits too long to seek help. By then, love is long gone, or resentments are too deeply rooted, or hurt has caused one or both partners to become permanently defensive and on-guard.

    While there’s nothing you can do to make your partner come with you to therapy, I want you to know that even if you come by yourself, you can still make a positive impact on your relationship. I hope this can be helpful. And this.

    I also want you to know that despite how it may sometimes feel, your partner’s refusal thus far to seek counseling is likely not because they don’t love and care about you. (Learn more about this common cycle here.)

    If your partner is indicating they might be ready to get therapy with you, contact me!

    Are you the one whose partner keeps saying the two of you need couple counseling, but you either think your problems are nobody else’s business, or just don’t think things are “that bad”?

    I get that. I do. You feel how you feel! That doesn’t make you wrong or bad, and it doesn’t mean you don’t care about your partner or  your relationship. This difference between partners is really common. But I can also tell you with twenty years of experience to back it up that this puts the relationship at significant risk. 

    Because your partner, also, feels how they feel, and I can promise you they aren’t going to forget or drop how they are feeling. In fact, the more you dismiss or argue, the more deeply disregarded your partner will feel. So probably without realizing it, your dismissal or minimization of their pleas to address the issues is just going to make things worse. I know you don’t want that, you just want them to be happy! I can show you why the two of you are living in completely separate worlds when it comes to being happy in your relationship and how to get on the same page.

    And here’s why it’s critical that you respond to your partner’s feelings on this issue.

    No judgement. Really! I want what you want, which is for you and your partner to have a happy relationship and life together.

    Contact me if you think you might be ready to give it a chance!