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  • Counseling for Affairs

    Affairs are brutalSo you’ve found out your partner had an affair. The person you always thought would have your back and be in your corner isn’t the person you thought they were. Your whole world is upside down and you are struggling to even make sense of reality. You wonder if you can ever trust them again.

    The answer to that is that it’s possible! Affairs only lead to divorce between 20% and 40% of the time. It’s hard to heal from this and takes a long time, but if you’re both willing to work at it there’s a good chance you can save your relationship.

    One of my favorite parts of my work is helping scared, anxiety-ridden, confused, couples-in-chaos get through one of the hardest things they’ll ever go through in their marriage. Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship and trust wounds are deep. But the good news is we know how to help couples heal from these wounds.

    Here are the kind of results I get regularly:

    “[My husband] and I have decided that we think we are doing really well and won’t need to attend sessions anymore. Things are going great and we are still using the tools we’ve learned for communication. We both agree this is what saved our marriage! We know where to find you if we need to! When you said we could be better than before I wasn’t sure, but you’re right! Thank you so much!”

    M.E. — Former client

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