• C’mon, you screw up sometimes and you know it!

    It is said that on Facebook you’re always seeing everybody’s highlight reel and comparing it to your bloopers. I have always tried to post (and preach and teach) as much of my “bloopers” stuff as possible. Because knowing how other people struggle assures us we’re not alone. And that is our greatest fear — not that we are flawed, but that we are uniquely flawed, far beyond what is “normal,” in a way that puts us outside of the circle of everyday human experience.

    We are ashamed of our flaws and failures so we hide them. When he hide them, no one sees them. When no one sees them, everyone thinks their own flaws and failures are worse than everyone else’s, that other people are better off, more whole, more stable, more secure. It’s complete fiction.

    Posting about my flaws and vulnerabilities, for me, is a form of rebellion against the shallow societal idea that it’s not okay to admit these things openly. Others resonate with it, say, “Me too,” thank me for opening the door to these realities so we can have a forum for admitting to our humanness and need for confession and absolution and ultimately communion. Then I know, and others know, we are not alone.

    #alone #lonely